Tuesday, 02 June 2020

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Who am I

There you were, already on the site for quite some time, but without any story about who you really are.
Well, I'm Marlies. Almost middle aged, but that sounds a lot older then I feel myself. But, starting my fourties maybe I am one...

As the photo shows, I still have that 'Maaskant' family head including the 'Maaskant' nose, a heritage of my father. But for quite some time, I already have another name, meaning, married. No, no kids, I leave that to others. I really have no wish to think about what they should eat, should wear and how to keep them busy all day. And that's just a start...
No, we take care of dogs that are too much elsewhere. Unfortunately we can take care of some at the time (four was the most we ever had), but those few we have and take good care for, we love very, very much.

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