Sunday, 23 February 2020


Welcome to Plexat


This site is created just to show everybody how much we appreciate our life on this small place on earth that we call home. In 1999 we were able to buy this house outside of busy city centers and suburbs crowded with screaming children.

Now we are so spoiled. If we ever have to move, our new home must have at least the same amount of space outside as well as inside. Yes, we are spoiled!

Plexat features
2.500 m2 area
Rooms for every member in the house
Our dogs can walk in and out the house whenever they want
Trained dogs to guard our house
During hot summer days a refreshing dip
A beautiful garden to walk in
A river and a pound with all kind of animals


New Kid
New Kid on the Block
Mijn nieuwe BMW S1000XR. Een SMileRR voor oude mannen!
4-Uur van Assen 2016
Foto Album
Foto's van de 4-uurs race op TT Circuit Assen
Foto's- Z'voort
Foto's- Z'voort
De foto's van de eerste 2TE circuittraining staan in het album. Langzaam dit keer maar ik zal toch dieper moeten zakken op de tank.
De Suzuki kan worden opgehaald. Quickshifter, stalen remleidingen en de bandjes aangepakt voor het nieuwe seizoen bij 2TheExperience.
Nieuws box
De site is weer deels hersteld. De komende dagen zal ik proberen de rest on-line te krijgen. Zal al met al nog wel even duren.